About Us


FANTAILS are small birds found in Asia, they are friendly, bold and aggressively defend their territories; they are highly active, efficient, uniform in their habits and have the ability to survive in a variety of habitats. We like to think, that as a company we handle our clients and our business in the same way that the FANTAIL handles its every day life. We believe that our client’s needs are of the utmost importance.

FANTAILS Small Business Consulting & Events is owned and managed by Denise St Hilaire-Samuel, who holds a Degree in Business Management and a Masters in Marketing Management. Denise has in excess of 14 years marketing experience backed with sound interpersonal skills and an understanding of the need for quality administrative and management systems. Her leadership, business development and effective organisational and project management skills coupled with an ability to deliver to targets and deadlines will assist you in getting your business on the right track and moving it to the next level.

At FANTAILS, we offer you personalised advice, support and coaching to help you move your business forward in the most cost effective way on a budget that you can afford – plus your first 30-minute consultation is absolutely free!

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